Case Study – Hospital Care and Mediation

Melissa rang HCSCC to complain about her friend Daniel’s recent treatment in a hospital mental health unit. Melissa said that Daniel had lost a personal item during his hospital stay which was important to him. Daniel also complained about the way he was treated by some of the staff and about the boring activities that were supposed to help with his recovery.
Melissa said that they had tried to sort it out with the hospital during Daniel’s treatment but they were not happy with the hospital’s response.
HCSCC arranged a meeting for Daniel with the hospital. Daniel was encouraged to bring a support person, so Melissa went along to the meeting. HCSCC also went to the meeting as an independent observer.
At the meeting Daniel talked about his experience, asked questions and felt heard. The service offered to give Daniel the cost of his lost personal item. The hospital also agreed to speak to the staff about the way they had treated Daniel and the way they had made him feel.
The hospital explained that their service was mostly designed for short-term acute care. Funding reasons meant there were limited occupational therapy supplies. The hospital said it could consider some of Daniel’s ideas for low cost activities that would improve things.
Daniel was happy with the outcome and Melissa told HCSCC she felt the hospital’s response to their complaint was reasonable and HCSCC could close the complaint as resolved.