For Service Providers: Addressing Complaints

The office of the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner (HCSCC) assists people – service users, carers and service providers – with complaints about health or community services in South Australia.
Acting impartially and in confidence, HCSCC investigates complaints, monitors and reports on the causes of complaints, recommends service improvements and assists service providers with effective complaints management.
HCSCC encourages service providers to discuss complaints openly with service users. This gives providers and service users an opportunity to resolve the complaint at an early stage.
Common reasons people complain are:
  • they want information
  • they want a problem solved
  • they don’t want to see others face a similar problem
  • they want to improve services for themselves and others in the future.
Many complaints are a result of poor communication between the service user and the service provider.
Very few people who complain want to get involved in litigation or seek compensation. Litigation is often used as a last resort when all other efforts have failed.
When you receive a complaint you can use the following information to assist you to resolve the complaint. The links below provide information to help service providers effectively manage complaints.
What do I do when someone makes a complaint?