HCSCC Charter – Easy Read format

To help meet the diverse literacy needs of people living in South Australia, HCSCC has developed two Easy Read versions of the HCSCC Charter – Know Your Rights brochure. One of the booklets is for general use, while the other has been designed to be culturally sensitive towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people.
In general, easy read documents:
  • present information in a way that is easy to understand
  • use simple language, contain images to support the text, use larger font sizes and include plenty of white space
  • are most commonly used with people who have a disability
  • are becoming more widely used with people who have low literacy, are elderly or where English is a second language.
HCSCC would like to thank everyone who contributed towards the review of the draft documents. Your feedback and suggestions for improvement were very valuable and has enabled us to develop two very practical resources – aimed at helping more people to know their rights, when using most health or community services in South Australia.
These new resources are now available to download:
Please be advised that at this point in time, these resources are not available to order in a printed format.