Less Silence More Safety Project


‘Experiences of abuse are not merely unfortunate encounters with bad people, but are more likely given certain environmental factors. These may include structures and processes promoting disadvantage and social exclusion, constraining individuals’ resources and life chances.’ (Daniel and Bowes, 2010)


We know there is violence, abuse and rights denial of people with disability in our community.


On 30 November 2012 HCSCC launched the context paper:Towards Safety and Quality in Disability Services: Confronting the “corruption of care” report – to read the report click here

To read the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner’s report on HCSCC’s role in contributing to improving the safety and quality of disability services provided to vulnerable people – March 2013 click here


The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner is an avenue to raise awareness of this rights denial.  The Commissioner realised there were very few complaints made by people who live with a disability and was concerned about this given that we know there is violence, abuse and rights denial in our community from the subtle through to overt. He wants to raise awareness of the Office but also more broadly to speak up about the effects of violence and abuse against people with disability.


The Less Silence More Safety project, funded for 2 years, intends to get out and about to:-

  • talk with folk who live with a disability,
  • and the people who love them,
  • and the folk who have other connections with people with disability in their local community, and people in services who have knowledge of violence and rights denial

We want to:-

  • promote greater vigilance about violence and abuse,
  • support people who are being badly treated
  • give people knowledge and information about the Complaints Commissioner’s role in investigating what happens to people with disability
  • and mobilise the community to speak up on this issue.


The Less Silence More Safety project gives formal presentations to groups or more informal conversations – whatever works best. It also making connection with people who are happy to share their story as part of raising people’s consciousness about what reality is.



Latest Posts


Posted 16 June 2017

As a follow up to the ‘Testimonies’ video project, Less Silence More Safety asked 5 parents and kinship carers to talk about their family with Truffy Maginnis, the LSMS Project Worker.


Recordings were made at Vision Australia studios at 5RPH Radio Station.


Thank you to Hans Reimer for his skill and support in helping produce these ‘Radio Testimonies’.


Our heartfelt thanks to Christine, Helen, Jill, Rick and Val, and for sharing their wise thoughts and stories of family life. Their reflections speak for themselves.


LSMS – Radio Testimonies – Christine’s Story

LSMS – Radio Testimonies – Helen’s Story

LSMS – Radio Testimonies – Jill’s Story

LSMS – Radio Testimonies – Rick’s Story

LSMS – Radio Testimonies – Val’s Story

LSMS – Radio Testimonies – What’s Wonderful