Make a Complaint to HCSCC

Who Can I Complain About?

It is your right to complain about the health or community services received from almost any place or person providing these services in South Australia. You may complain on your own behalf or on behalf of someone you care for such as a child, parent, or other family member. If you are unable to make a complaint yourself, you can designate someone you trust to make the complaint for you.

What Can I Complain About?

You may complain if:
  • Services were refused
  • Services were not completed on time
  • Services were inappropriate for you for some other reason (for example, you have a disability or your cultural needs were not taken into account)
  • Services were delivered inadequately, negligently, or if significant errors were made during their delivery
  • The service provider treated you in a rude or disrespectful manner
  • Abusive treatment, whether physical, verbal, or sexual
  • The care provider failed to respect your rights.

Are There Exceptions?

Yes. Unfortunately, we cannot process complaints about:
  • Most incidents that happened over 2 years ago
  • Court decisions or notifiers
  • A matter that is currently being decided by a court
  • A complaint that has already been decided under the law
  • A death, once the Coroner has started an inquest
  • Actions of government ministers or politicians
  • Most matters related to housing
  • Food handling or food safety in shops or restaurants
  • Environmental health issues
  • Employment disputes
If we cannot help you with your complaint, we will try our best to refer you to alternative services which can help you. This document contains information about other South Australian complaint services:
Your Right to be Heard – A guide to getting help to make a complaint and protect your rights in South Australia   PDF  RTF

What We Will Do When You Make a Complaint to HCSCC

When we receive your complaint, we will look at it to assess the next steps. We may ask for more information, investigate it ourselves, or refer it to another complaints agency if the matter is outside of our jurisdiction.
Whatever happens, we will contact you within three working days of receiving your complaint.