Understanding Complaints

Understanding Complaints

Why do people complain?

Because there’s an issue that needs a solution.

Consumers complain because they feel that something has gone wrong and they would like you to participate in fixing it.

Feedback can be positive and provide an opportunity for improvement.

Continuous improvement is a key part of providing excellent service.

The complaints process helps:

  • Satisfy consumers of your service by being responsive to their concerns
  • Increase your understanding of consumer perspectives
  • Build trust and confidence among consumers, their families, caregivers, and advocates
  • Develop professionally by making continuous improvements to the services that you deliver and the way you deliver them

The right to complain is defined by law

Under the Health and Community Services Complaints Act 2004, a service provider has a legal obligation to respond to a complaint.


What can people complain about?

Consumers can complain about any aspect of their interaction with you. This may include difficulties in accessing a service, administrative issues, communication difficulties, inappropriate behavior, lack of respect for individual rights or issues related to the treatment or care itself.