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Towards Safety and Quality in Disability Services: Confronting the “corruption of care” report – to read the report click here

HCSCC’s role in contributing to improving the safety and quality of disability services provided to vulnerable people – March 2013 click here

‘I’m the Boss’ booklets

The premise of the ‘I’m the Boss’ resource is that people with disability are in charge of their lives. We hope this resource will be useful for people negotiating the new NDIS system – with its aim of ‘choice and control’, as well as dealing with other health and community services in South Australia.

‘I’m the Boss’ is a series of seven booklets that offer guidance and suggestions for:-

  • What are my rights?
  • Getting ready to talk to an individual worker or person from a health or community service
  • Examples of questions you can ask
  • How do I think the talk went?
  • What do I do next?
  • Examples of questions you can ask a healthcare worker when you are sick
  • Important information

PDF linkI’m the Boss Booklet
PDF linkBooklet 1 How to know me
PDF linkBooklet 2 What are my Rights
PDF linkBooklet 3 How to check if the worker or health/community service is right for you
PDF linkBooklet 4 Examples of questions you can ask
PDF linkBooklet 5 How do I think the talk went
PDF linkBooklet 6 What do I do next
PDF linkBooklet 7 Examples of questions you can ask your healthcare worker when you are feeling sick